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Eleven40 Glory is a inter-generational ministry with a mission to support the personal, professional, and spiritual development of Generations. We were founded in 2017 with a vision to be the driving force that moves generations through their Process in the Wilderness into their Glory in the Promised Land.

Eleven40 refers to the number of days (11) it should have taken the Israelites to leave Egypt and make it to the Promised Land compared to the actual number of years (40) it took.


Eleven40 represents letting go of the past and past things for a new journey, into a new season, fulfilling a new promise.


Eleven40 also reminds us the “wilderness” experience is only a temporary process just before the Glory and promises of God are revealed.


Initially new seasons may feel like a wilderness, we may feel lost, lonely, or fearful; but God’s presence, glory, and power is consistently present even in that wilderness.


Eleven40 points to the promises of God that are to be revealed, the process that is to be endured, and the Gloryory that is to be inherited. 

Meet The POWER Team

Shekinah Fashaw

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Founder & Incubator Director

Johnna Wilks

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Psalmist & Digital Strategist

Kendra Castleberry

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Psalmist & Content Creator

Shirley Moore

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Incubator Program Director

Ramel Moore

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Incubator Program Director

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