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The Life Track will cover all things personal: finances, physical & mental health, faith, productivity, relationships, and more...

This track is uniquely positioned to help you become the best version of yourself by helping you embrace the power inside of you and design the life you desire. Being successful is 80% about who you are and who you are becoming - which is deeply rooted in your mindset. This track is organized to give you practical guidance on the “how” behind living your best life.  Our speakers will provide practical, tactical and strategic lessons on their biggest and greatest life lessons as well as everything you need to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Below is a list of the topics we have lined up. Don’t see something you need? Reach out to us! We will gladly search for the experts, prepare the workshop and host it soon. 

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What's Inside:

Discovering and Embracing Your Purpose

Additional Topics:


Personal Branding that Expresses Who You Are.


Building Confidence to Leverage a Powerful Network


Improving Your Productivity & Learning Your Work Style.


Enhancing Your Physical & Mental Health to Support a Successful Journey


The Secret Sauce to Relationships: Romantic, Friendships, & Partnerships.


Embracing your Personality Type.

Membership Benefits:

E-Courses and Classes

Exclusive business network discounts

A business, ministry, and life network/community of like-minded people

Access to high-level mentors

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1140 Incubator provides skills in the areas of ministry, business, personal development, and finances. Contact us if you have more questions about our membership.

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