Welcome to the Mountain Top.

Welcome to the 1140 Incubator, an online members-only academy & network, where we help Culture Shifters like you discover and embrace their God-given purpose, develop their faith, and launch with confidence into greatness.


Courses Available. As a member you will have full access to the courses in each of our three tracks. New content is added monthly, so stay tuned. 

What Should You Expect Within The Incubator?

The Ministry Track will cover anything and everything needed to enhance your personal and church ministry. Discussions around the 7 mountains, millennial engagement, church branding & tech, and more...

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Interested in a private coaching session?

We're available for you.

Our 1140 Incubator founders: Shekinah, Shirley, and Ramel are eager to speak with you, along with our many other Christian Influencer partners

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